Race Day Information

 Listed below are a few pieces of helpful info regarding the race. If you have additional questions, please contact us via email, or call (970) 429-2093.

Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 8:00am in Snowmass Village

Getting Here:
Directions to Race Start

From Hwy 82, turn south on Brush Creek Rd towards Snowmass Village. Follow Brush Creek Rd until you hit the Main Bus Stop in Snowmass Village. The Snowmass Village Mall is on the same level as the bus stop. Follow the mall to the end. There will be signs directing you to the Westin Snowmass Overlook Room (formerly the Silvertree Hotel) where registration, bib pick-up, etc. is located. The actual starting line is out on the ski area slopes at the end of the mall.

Directions to Race Finish (From Snowmass Village)

Follow Hwy 82 into Aspen where it becomes Main Street. Before the first of 4 consecutive traffic lights (just after the Molly Gibson Lodge and before Paepcke Park) turn right on Garmisch St. The race finish is at Koch Park which is on the fourth block on your right.

Timing Chips/Race Bibs
Timing Chips are connected to your race bib.  If you lose your bib, you lose your timing chip – there is no replacement chip available. It is the racer’s responsibility to keep track of their bib/timing chip. Please place your bib where it is visible to someone in front of you. This enables our staff to see the number when you cross the finish line.

Gear Bags/Clothing Bag Shuttle – There will be a free gear shuttle from the start of the race to the finish line. We recommend using your own day pack as that is usually easier to find at the finish line however, we will have bags and markers available at the start. Racers may drop off one bag per person to the vehicles located outside the Westin. Please tag your bag with your corresponding racer number or name. Must have a zipped closure.

Bib/Chip/ Packet Pick-up Times & Locations

Bibs, Chips & Goody bags (including t-shirts) can be picked up at the Ute Mountaineer on Wednesday 9/16 & Thursday 9/17 9am-7pm and Friday 9/18 9am-9:00pm. They can also be picked up race morning from 7-7:45am at the race start. The race start location remains the same.  Race day packet pick-up will probably be in the Overlook Room of the Westin Snowmass resort just off the Snowmass Village Mall, 100 Elbert Lane Snowmass Village.



2020 Wave Starts will be set by September 16th.

Wave Assignments by last name

Wave Assignment By Wave

Due to the number of participants, 6 wave starts will be used. The waves will start 5 minutes apart: Wave 1 @ 8:00, Wave 2 @ 8:05, Wave 3 @ 8:10, Wave 4 @ 8:15, Wave 5 @ 8:20, Wave 6 @8:25. You can determine which wave you are in when you pick up your bib or check back here for wave postings on Wednesday, September 16th. Wave placement will be based on historical and estimated finish times. All registrations received after Sunday 9/1 may be placed in a later wave if other waves are full. Once waves are assigned, there will be no changes made. Historical Time: Previous Golden Leaf times will be used for wave placement unless the runner has not participated in this event before. Historical times will be looked at for all competitors.

Wave 1                  Bib #’s 1-170                      Start  8:30am

Wave 2                  Bib #’s 171-340                  Start  8:35am

Wave 3                  Bib #’s 341-510                  Start  8:40am

Wave 4                  Bib #’s 511-680                  Start  8:45am

Wave 5                  Bib #’s 681-850                  Start  8:50am

Wave 6                  Bib #’s 851-1000                Start  8:55am

These numbers will allow Golden Leaf staff to place you in the correct start corral.  YOU MUST START THE RACE FROM THE CORRECT START CORRAL. There will be signs for your bib #’s.

Cut-Off Times: As this is a RUNNING RACE, There are 3 cut-off time locations where runners will be asked to exit the race if they do not meet the given times: 1st Aid Station (1.75 mi.)=40min.; Where Government Trail leaves the Elk Camp Ski Area Rd(4 mi.)=1hr 10min; 3rdAid Station(10.5 mi.)=3 hours. If you do not achieve these times you will be asked to exit the race. Aid station locations and cut-off times/locations may change.  Please check the website the week prior to the race.


Shuttles & Parking

Bus Service: Regular RFTA bus service runs all day long from Rubey Park Bus Station in Aspen to Snowmass Village at :15 & :45 after the hour starting at 6:15am

Race Shuttles: Aspen’s Wagner Park (Durant Ave) to Westin drop off entrance

Time Provider
6:15am RFTA
6:45am RFTA
7:00am CME
7:15am RFTA
7:30am CME
7:45am and 7:55am RFTA
8:00am CME







RFTA BUSSES TAKE APPROX 35-40 minutes to get to Snowmass and may include a change of bus at the Intercept lot

Parking in Snowmass:

Learn more about parking in Snowmass Village, here. The Base Village parking garage on Level P1 (top level) is down the hill from the start and is free during the summer months.
Food Service at Race Finish: Lunch is available to race participants at the finish. Present your race bib. This will be hole-punched to allow one time access to food. Food service begins 10:30 – 10:45am

Gu/Bar/Etc. Wrappers: Wrappers from your energy bars & gels are not biodegradable, so please do not drop them on the trail. They also may carry germs as they have touched your mouth. Please place them in the garbage bags at the aid stations and not on the ground at the aid stations. Thanks.

Non-Racers: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate everyone that was interested in running  the Golden Leaf this year. It is possible that some of these people plan to run the course on race day. We have to discourage this. This is a big field (1000 ppl) and if a lot of people invite their friends to run with them, this could cause significant congestion.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Passing on the Course: The race course is mostly single track. Please be courteous and let a runner pass if they request to do so. If you use an iPod, do not play the music so loud that you can not hear other runners talking to you.

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search & Rescue (CORSAR) Card

Pitkin County requires that all participants obtain a valid CORSAR card for the day of the event. These are available at the Ute Mountaineer and the Tenth Mountain Hut Association. Or they can be purchased online here.

Medical Assistance

This is a backcountry race. There are many obstacles including imbedded rocks, loose rocks and dirt, tree roots, exposure, water crossings and more. Please take care while crossing these obstacles as they can result in serious injury or worse. There is no guarantee of rescue or medical attention. Each participant is ultimately responsible for their own rescue and preparation for course and weather condition. This means carrying protective clothing in case of bad weather or injury. Rescue from an injury is not guaranteed and may be delayed due to other injuries or distance from medical personnel.

There are volunteer medical personnel on the course. This is supplied by Mountain Rescue Aspen. These volunteers will be either running the course, placed at aid stations and at the finish line. Assistance, if possible, may not be immediate, so you will need to be patient. If, unfortunately, you are injured on the course, we ask that you pass word on to an aid station via other runners or wait for assistance to come. If you’re injury allows you to hike out of the race or to continue following the course, you will be asked to do so. Remember, there may be a more serious injury on the course that becomes a higher priority for medical volunteers. If you decide to exit the course on your own, please inform medical or aid station personnel.


Dehydration was prevalent during the 2012 and 2013 races. You can prevent this. Aid stations will provide 1 cup of water or Skratch per participant. To prevent dehydration, make sure you are well hydrated in the few days leading up to the race. Also, you should consider carrying extra water similar to what you would on a long training run. Also consider bringing the electrolyte drink & gels you have used in the past and works for you.

Race Cancellation

The Golden Leaf has only been cancelled twice in its 37 years (2006 & 2016) due to a severe weather. Under such conditions, every effort will be made to hold the race, but the director reserves the right to delay, shorten or even cancel the event. There is also the possibility that the United States Forest Service can cancel the race if the trail conditions could lead to irreparable damage to the trail or safety issues. There will be no refunds in the event of race cancellation.

Awards & Raffle

Awards ceremony will begin at 12:15pm & raffle at 12:30pm. Awards will be provided
to the top 3 overall male & female finishers (1st=$200, 2nd=$125, 3rd=$75) as well as the top 3 male & female finishers by age group. All participants & volunteers are eligible for the raffle. The Raffle procedure is new this year. Bib numbers will be drawn while the race is in progress. Prizes will be organized by bib number and ready for pick-up by 11 am. All participants and volunteers are eligible for the raffle. Participants will need to provide their bib number to receive a raffle prize.

Race Results

Race results will be available after the races at the finish line, at the Ute Mountaineer, and on this website on the Monday following the race. Race results will be overall, by gender and by age group. The following age group categories will be used: 13 & under, 14-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.