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Online preregistration only beginning May 3 at 10am through 9am 9/4/23 or until race participation cap reached. There is no mail-in, in-person or race day registration. Cost includes lunch, t-shirt & raffle.


Click HERE to register (available May 3 10am)

Online Registration Information/Steps – Important:

  1. Be ready to register at 10am Mountain Time – using the link above. The online portal will only allow you to register yourself when you are in the portal.
  2. Once you have entered the events.com portal, the first 750 people to finish their registration and checkout will be registered for the race. If the race participation cap is reached while you are still filling out your registration, you will receive a message that the race is sold out when you try to check out.
  3. Please remember to read the waiver and enter your name in the section for digital signature. Without a signed waiver, you will not be given a bib to participate.

Race Registration will close once the 750 spots have been taken. Once the cap has been reached, race registration is available through online transfer only (please see below). A waiting list will not be taken.


Race registration insurance is available thru events.com when you register. This insurance program is optional and is unaffiliated with the organizers of the Golden Leaf Half Marathon (the Ute Mountaineer and the City of Aspen). The Ute Mountaineer & the City of Aspen cannot answer any questions regarding this insurance. Please read the policy to understand the coverage. You will receive a policy coverage confirmation email from FanShield from the address no-reply@fanshield.info. Please keep a copy of this email in the event you need to make a claim. You can also read about coverage at https://www.fanshield.com/policy. This website will provide information on coverage, documentation required for claims, a link to filing a claim, a contact form if you have questions about your policy or claim, and more. You can also get information about your policy and how to make a claim from the events.com website at https://events.com/faq/article/how-do-i-make-an-insurance-claim/ .

Please NOTE: This insurance does not cover race cancellation or reduction in participation by the race organizers.


Pitkin County requires that all participants obtain a valid CORSAR card for the date of the event. These are available to be purchased online separately from this event – please click here.


Transfer of registration from one person to another costs $20 and will be allowed thru 9am September 4th. This is a firm deadline. Transfer must be done online through the events.com portal:

Online Transfer:

  1. Sign into your events.com account.
  2. Find Golden Leaf Half Marathon click “View Order”.
  3. Under Manage Registration, select Transfer Registration.
  4. Enter the email address of person you wish to transfer to and send.
  5. Your registration will now read: Pending Transfer.
  6. The new runner will receive an email asking to complete the transfer. New runner will pay transfer fee ($20) + processing fee. Once they register, the original runner ‘s registration will be cancelled. They will receive a cancellation email.
  7. The registration fee of $85 for the person transferring in will not be charged by events.com or the race organizer, nor will a refund be issued by events.com or the race organizer to the person transferring out. The new participant will have to reimburse the original participant for the $85 race registration race fee.

If the person transferring out has purchased race insurance, this transfer process will not be possible and participant must contact help@events.com.

The City of Aspen has set up a Facebook Page to help people connect for registration transfers.

PLEASE NOTE: The race organizers have the right to disqualify any participant attempting to sell or buy entry (via transfer) into the race at a price higher than the original purchase price. These participants will also be prevented from entering future Golden Leaf Half Marathons. Please read waiver agreement when signing up.


Maximum Participation: 750

Race Participation Could Decrease: It is possible, although unlikely, that county guidelines and safety precautions require the race capacity to be reduced. In this case, participants that signed up first would have priority over later sign ups.* Ex: County reduces event capacity to 250 people – the first 250 people would be allowed to participate and the next 500 people would be refunded.

Waves: 7 wave starts will be used. The waves will start 5 minutes apart: Wave 1 @ 8:00, Wave 2 @ 8:05, Wave 3 @ 8:10, Wave 4 @ 8:15, Wave 5 @ 8:20, Wave 6 @8:25. Wave 7 @ 8:30. You can determine which wave you are in when you pick up your bib or check back here for wave postings on Tuesday, September 19th by 4pm. Wave placement will be based on historical and estimated finish times. Registrants who do not respond to requests for updated estimated times may be placed in a later wave if other waves are full. Once waves are assigned, there will be no changes made. Historical Time: Previous Golden Leaf times (last 5 years) will be used for wave placement unless the runner has has not participated in this event before. Historical times will be looked at for all competitors.

Estimating Your Time: Typically you can add 30 minutes to road half marathon with no elevation gain (more if you are unaccustomed to an elevation of 8000 feet). Another way to estimate your time is to compare yourself to how racers finished in 2019. Out of 502 finishers in 2022, the following results were achieved: 1st place – 1hr 32min; 50th place – 2:01; 100th place – 2:13; 125th place (top 1/4) – 2:18; 250th place (middle of the pack) – 2:34; 375th Place (top 3/4) – 2:54. Please try to be realistic with your time as this will allow the waves to work properly and reduce congestion on the course.

If a time is not entered, participant will be placed in the final wave.


The Golden Leaf has been cancelled 3 times in 40 years (in 2006, 2016 and 2020) – due to snow and treacherous conditions & COVID 19. Under such conditions, every effort will be made to hold the race, but the director reserves the right to delay, shorten or even cancel the event. There is also the possibility that the United States Forest Service can cancel the race if the trail conditions could lead to irreparable damage to the trail or safety issues. There will be no refunds in the event of race cancellation.

Particpant Decision to Cancel Due to COVID – The race organizers plan to take extensive steps to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID. Unfortunately, all risk can not be eliminated. If a participant agrees to sign up for the Golden Leaf they do so with the understanding that COVID is a risk. If a participant then decides that they are not comfortable with the risk of COVID on race day, it is their decision to participate or not. Refunds will not be given for this reason. So, participants must make their decision to register for this race with the understanding that a refund will not given for a participant’s decision to not participant due to COVID concerns.


For registration questions not answered by this website, please contact paul@utemountaineer.com. Please do not request entry into the race once registration has closed due to filling the race participation cap of 750 people.