Contest Winners

2016 Winners (Grand Marshals – Charlie Tarver and Mark Cole)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans
Most Outrageous – #OnlyInAspen (aka. the naked dudes)
Most Humorous – Aspen Valley Hospital
Best Children’s – Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Best Animal – Camp Cozy Point
Best Music – Carls & Miners
Three NEW Parade Categories in 2016:
Most Clever –Habitat for Humanity
Most ‘Topical’ –Wildcat Ranch and their Vintage Model ‘A’ Ford with License Plate: ‘BREXIT 1776’
Best Candy –Mick Ireland (former Aspen Mayor). Thanks for chilling your chocolates!

2015 Winners (the Aspen High School boys Lacrosse Team, the Aspen Skiers, accepted the honor as this year’s Grand Marshal)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans – A round of applause from the crowd as our honorable men & women passed by.
Most Outrageous – Chris Lord “Looking Alicia Leto” – A float to represent the desire to spend the rest of his life with Alicia – the love of his life. Keep us posted Chris!  Tied with the “4 Tidy Whities.”
Most Humorous – T Lazy 7 – “Sons of Rancharchy.”
Best Children’s – The Hub of Aspen & Charlie Tarver with the kids bicycle parade.
Best Animal – Kemosabe and their beautiful, patriotic horses.
Best Music – Republicans’ Rock!

2014 Winners (Grand Marshal Dr. Barry Mink and Parade Queen Norma Dolle)

Most Patriotic –   Aspen Antiques and Fine Arts Fair * with special mention for the Most Patriotic to the Valley Veterans
Most Outrageous – Elk Mountain Expeditions, the Elk Mountain Mermen
Most Humorous – Theatre Aspen, The Full Monty
Best Children’s – Anderson Ranch, WILD about art for over 30 years
Best Animal – Aspen TREE, Aspen TREE Alacas Kona & Roy representing Aspen Tree’s Earth Keepers Day Camp
Best Music – Repblican’s Rock

2013 Winners (Grand Marshals Dale & Charlotte Paas)

Most Patriotic – Boy Scott Troop 242
Most Outrageous – Ajax Adventure
Most Historic – Baltimore Jim
Best Children’s – Silver City Gymnastics
Best Animal – Dancing Horses
Best Music – Aspen Music Festival



2012 Winners (Grand Marshals George Stranahan, Robert Craig, and Michael Cohen)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans Parade Committee
Most Patriotic (Honorable Mention) – Aspen Fire Department
Most Outrageous – T Lazy 7
Most Humorous – Ajax Adventure Camp
Best Children’s – Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Best Animal – US Forest Service with Woodsey & Smokey the Bear
Best Music – Aspen Music Festival


2011 Winners (Grand Marshals Warren and Kathy Klug)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans
Most Outrageous – Ajax Adventure Camp
Most Humorous – The Thrift Shop
Best Children’s – Anderson Ranch
Best Animal – Ma’am the Mammoth
Best Music – eMoo.com
Best Overall – Wildcat Ranch

2010 Winners (Grand Marshal Christy Mahon)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans
Most Outrageous – Aspen Art Museum
Most Humorous – Dan Shipp Law Office
Best Children’s – Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Best Animal – Snowmass Rodeo
Best Music – Renee Rayton
Best Overall – Wildcat Ranch


2009 Winners (Grand Marshal Rick Jones)

Most Patriotic – Valley Veterans
Most Outrageous / Outstanding – Dan Shipp Law Office
Most Humorous – Blazing Adventures
Best Children’s – Basalt Girl Scouts
Best Animal – Kemosabe
Best Music – Aspen Music Festival and School

2008 Winners (Grand Marshal Pam Cunningham)

Most Patriotic – Basalt Girl Scouts
Most Outrageous – Wildcat Ranch
Most Humorous – Aspen Air Force
Best Children’s – Aspen Gymnastics/Silver City Gym Club
Best Animal – Cedar Ridge Ranch
Best Music – Aspen Art Museum/Jazz Aspen Snowmass
Best Overall – Wildcat Ranch


Past Grand Marshals

2001 = Fonda & Charlie Paterson

2002 = Don Roth

2003 = Sam & Liz Stapleton

2004 = Helen Klanderud with Georgia Hanson

2005 = Walter Isaacson

2006 = Alan Fletcher

2007 = Mead Metcalf

2008 = Pam Cunningham

2009 = Rick Jones

2010 = Christy Mahon

2011 = Warren & Kathy Klug

2012 = George Stranahan, Robert Craig and Michael Cohen