Event Date:

Saturday, February 10th, 2024

Start/End Location:

Aspen Recreation Center

Registration Required


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Aspen Special Events

ART CART ALPINE RALLY | Saturday, February 10th, 2024 Aspen Recreation Center Art Cart Races, Food Trucks and Interactive Art


Saturday, February 10th, 2024 from 5:30pm-8:00pm

Register:  Register by emailing aspenspecialevents@aspen.gov

Please join us at the Aspen Recreation Center for the reimagined Art Cart Alpine Rally where competitors will race their custom-made crafts down the Whoa Nelly Sledding Hill in a head to head race for the fastest racer.  Prizes will be awarded to kids (16 and under) and adults (17 and older) for the most creative and the fastest art cart.

History:  The Art Cart Derby, a beloved event hosted by the city in the 1980s, was a nostalgic soapbox derby that echoed the charm of yesteryear.  As a nod to those classic races, we’re excited to present a ‘reimagined version’—this time, embracing our love for winter!  Instead of the traditional summer pavement setting, our event will unfold against the picturesque winter backdrop of the snowy sledding hill at the Aspen Recreation Center, bringing a new twist to the old-time charm of the Art Cart Derby.

In this year’s event, participants will face off in a thrilling competition with their custom-made art carts.  Single pilot racers will go head-to-head in a high-speed showdown down the Whoa Nelly Sledding Hill.  The fastest racer will advance to the ultimate challenge, vying to claim the coveted cash purse.  Suggested at a city council meeting, this event is meant to bring our community together for some local small-town fun.

There will be a kid’s category and an adult’s category.  Prizes will be awarded for the most creative art cart winner and the fastest art cart winner in both categories.  Originality is encouraged!  In an effort to aid with your vehicle’s build, The Red Brick Center for the Arts is offering a Creative Happy Hour where racers and pit crew can have a space to build their winning vessel.  This is will be on Tuesday, January 23rd.  Check out the Red Brick Center for the Arts website for more details.

Rules are rules:  Please click HERE for our rules and regulations.  For any questions please email aspenspecialevents@aspen.gov

Whether you need to fuel up before your big race or you are just coming to scope things out, there will be food trucks serving free hot and ready bites for all attendees.  The people have spoken, and we are answering.  Several local food trucks will be present in the recreation center parking area beginning at 5:30pm.

To enhance the artistic ambiance, we’re introducing an interactive art projection mapping component to the evening from @luciavisuals.  The art projection mapping promises a unique and engaging experience, allowing you to become an active part of the visual spectacle.  Join us for an evening where creativity meets interactivity, turning the Aspen Recreation Center grounds into a canvas of exploration!

Transpo Info: Please use the free RFTA bus service.  Parking at the Aspen Recreation Center will be very limited.  There is additional parking at Tiehack and at the Aspen School District.

Event Photos HERE!

2024 Winners:

16 & Under:

Fastest Winner:  Hat Trick – Wyatt DeVito & Cole Ryan
Creative Winner: Thunderstruck – Sidney Farrell with Maisey & Max


Fastest Winner:  Kayak Attack – Jens Knuston with Thomas Hughes & Dwight Dowell
Creative Winner: Year of the Dragon – Anne Berger with Wade White, Toby Radcliff, Matt Donger & Honey

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