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Saturday, August 19th and Sunday, 20th 2023

2023 Local deals for players!  Must have wrist band

Aspen Tap: Draft Beers $5 Shot and a Beer $10
Hickory house: 10% off Food and drink  Friday-Sunday
Silver City: Beer and Shot Specials
Mezzaluna: 10% off Lunch dinner Friday-Sunday
Sterling: Local Pricing with Wrist Band

2023 Playing Fields and parking map  Lacrosse Fields 2023

1) Game time is four (4) quarters of twelve (12) minute stop time each.
2) Three (3) time-outs per game for each team. a. Timeouts can be taken anywhere on the field by the team with possession of the ball or by either team during any dead-ball.
b. Anyone on the field for the team asking for a time-out can call time-out.

3) Overtime consists of one (1) 4-minute sudden victory overtime period. a. If game remains tied after the first overtime, it is followed by a 4-minute sudden victory overtime period or periods until a winner is determined.
b. Each team will receive one (1) time-out per overtime period.

4) Goalies are allowed five (5) seconds to get back into the goal on a chased shot out-of-bounds.
5) No quick restarts. All players must be five (5) yards from the player with the ball before play can be restarted. a. If a player, purposely delays the game by not moving five (5) yards from the player with the ball, a flag for delay of game will be thrown and a thirty (30) second penalty will be assessed.

1) Box sticks (head under 5 ½ inches, inside measurement) are allowed, but may not be used on the face-off.
2) NCAA rule where shooting strings, v channels, etc… must be within 4 inches of the top of the crosse is not enforced.
3) Sticks are illegal based on length, depth of pocket or design to retard the dislodgment of the ball.
4) There will be no random stick checks by officials. A team may request a stick check at any time, but if the stick is legal, the requesting team is charged with a time-out. If a stick is determined illegal it cannot erase a goal.
5) Only four (4) long poles are allowed on the field at a time.

1) Goalie four (4) second count in the crease is enforced.
2) There are no other clearing counts for a team with possession to advance the ball unless: a. The officials determine a team is purposely stalling and not advancing the ball in order to take time off the clock. i. If this occurs, a team will be warned to “Get-it-in/Keep-it-in” and they will have 20 seconds to get it below their offensive restraining line.

3) The box extends from sideline to sideline and below the restraining line. There are no alley lines.
4) During the last two minutes of the game, the team with the lead must keep the ball in their offensive restraining area.

1) Will be “Down, set, whistle.” Officials will place ball on ground before saying “down.” Officials may adjust players between “down” and “set.”
2) The ball may be carried in the back of the stick by the face-off player only.
3) Players may re-plunge to pick up the ball.
4) If a face-off violation occurs, the face-off player may stay on the field. There is no limit to faceoff violations.
5) If there is a penalty being served on a face-off, wing(s) must be left open.

1) No excessive body or takeout checks allowed; all legal pushes and holds are allowed. a. Excessive body or takeout checks include, but are not limited to, any body check considered more aggressive or more physical than necessary to stop the advancement of the player carrying the ball or to keep or move a player away from a loose ball. This includes but is not limited to: i. Any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient forceand perceived intent to injure the opposing player;
ii. Any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient force and perceived intent to injure the opposing player; and
iii. Any check made in a reckless or intimidating manner.

Penalty: An excessive body or takeout check is a one, two or three-minute releasable penalty unless it is a check on a defenseless player or a check to the head and/or neck.
2) There shall be no body checking on a player in a defenseless position (a “defenseless player”). This includes but is not limited to: a. Body checking a player from his “blind side”;
b. Body checking a player who has his head down in an attempt to play a loose ball;
c. Body checking a player whose head is turned away to receive a pass, even if that player turns toward the contact immediately before the body check.

3) A player shall not initiate contact to an opponent’s head or neck with a cross-check, or any part of his body (head, elbow, shoulder etc.). Any follow-through that contacts the head or neck shall also be considered a violation of this rule.

Penalty: A check on a defenseless player or to the head or neck is a, two or three-minute non-releasable penalty. If deemed excessive an ejection may be warranted.
1) Goalies only serve personal foul penalties.

2) Game time is two (2) twenty-minute running time halves.
3) Each team gets one (1) possession timeout per-half. The clock continues to run.
4) Penalty time is start/stop.
5) Tie games are decided by one (1) four-minute sudden victory overtime period.