Half Marathon (13.9 Miles) Course Info 2021

Start & finish at Rio Grande Park. (Cut off times at aid stations will be enforced) Course limit 6 hours. 

Leave Rio Grande Park and follow the Rio Grande Trail until it joins a series of single track trails that parallels the Rio Grande Trail.

Turn left onto the Grindlay Bridge and cross the Roaring Fork River and then a right turn onto the Music Tent single track trail.

Cross the Roaring Fork River again via the Picnic Point Bridge and turn left on the Rio Grande Trail.

Follow the Rio Grande Trail and adjacent single track trails to Stein Park and Aid Station #1 at 2.28 miles until a right turn onto the Sunny Side Trail.

Follow the Sunny Side Trail until it joins the Upper Plunge Trail,

Follow the Upper Plunge trail to the Lower Plunge Trail, Follow the lower Plunge trail into the Hunter Creek Valley.

Take the Hunter Creek Valley North trail to the Hunter creek Valley South Trail to the Iowa Shaft Trail.

Take the Hunter Creek Cut off Trail, to the Smuggler Mountain Road Trail, and head down Smuggler Mountain Road.

Turn left onto Silverlode Drive, right onto Park Circle, Cross King St and take the Oklahoma Flats trail.

Turn right on to Rio Grande trail and and follow it into the finish at Rio Grande Park.

This race is coming in at 13.9miles
Half Marathon Cut off times and aid station locations

Mile Location Supplies Cut-off Times
2.2 Stein Park Water, Skratch 8:10
9.2 Top of Lower Plunge Water, Skratch 10:30
11.8 Smuggler Water, Skratch 11:45
13.9! Finish Line Water, Skratch